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Door Decor

Add a touch of flair to your door! To your classroom door!  Heck, to your fireplace mantel.  These PVC decor pieces offer versatility and stand out over wood door hangers. Our PVC Door Hangers are perfect for decorating your front door or anywhere else.  Our door hangers are made out of 1/8” PVC plastic.  This lightweight material makes it possible to hang on a door with a small hanger attached to the back or you can easily drill holes and run a ribbon or wire to hang.  This door hanger will not come with a bow or holes drilled, this is just to show you the possibilities. This dye-sublimated PVC will include liquid UV lamination to resist scratches and fading, even in direct sun.  Unlike wood this will not crack, peel or fade.

Material: 3mm 1/8” PVC